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I just spoke to my cousin who lives in the northeast. He said late spring is acting real cool. Almost every day this month has been below normal temps. Mostly by just a little, but still it is a bit cool. That seems strange to me as here in Texas we get very little cool wintery weather. Sure we have a few months of pleasant temperatures but hardly ever does it get really cold.

Just the last little bit in fact we have had a few days that were real scorchers. Not every day but at least a reminder that every day hot is just around the corner. I don’t really mind it, even though there are parts of it being really hot every day that can get me a bit uncomfortable at times.

When it is really hot I like to be able to go somewhere, out in the middle of nowhere with no roads or people around, and sit in a little patch of shade. I can close my eyes and just feel what is around me. The heat radiates in from the sunny to the shaded area, reflecting of any open ground that is around. The sounds to can get real low or even silenced if it is both open and hot enough. Even the bugs hide and shut up.

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