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Living the High Life

Alright, time to start up this new blog of mine. The plan is to use this space to talk about my travels. I love to hit the road and the friendly skies and thought I should keep track of some of that stuff here.

Some background….I live in Odessa, Texas and am a simple country boy. Being outdoors is what I like to to do most. This means I also enjoy a lot of other things that include being out in nature. Hunting, fishing, hiking and stuff like that. I get out of the state when I can but get out to a lot of places that are within a hundred or so miles of my hometown. I am lucky in that there is a lot of open space around where I live. It can be tough to find public land if you are not from around here but for me, there are a lot of really cool places I can get to since I have lived here all my life.

Anyway, if your reading this thanks for checking the blog out. Be well.