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Spring Day Trip

Just taking a break before I head home from a nice little day trip. I went out to a private ranch that has some nice ravines in it. It is about an hour from my house. The property belongs to an old family friend. Funny thing that right near this place is a little food place that oddly enough has wi-fi. So I just made it back to the road from the ranch and here I sit, waiting for my food, and I can actually take a few minutes and write this post.

Most memorable part of my trip….getting down into this one ravine and feeling like I could have been on my own planet. The place I was had a lot of twists and bends so I could only see a little ways in either direction, up or down canyon. Below me was the water and above was the sky. Blue as anything. I spent quite awhile just sitting in that one spot. I would periodically close my eyes for awhile. Listening. The water, little critters scurrying about and kicking little rocks downhill, buzzing of the bugs and an occasional chirp. It was one of those times you only get to have when you are outside and looking for a bit of peace and adventure.